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RV Expenses – Adding a new Expense Type

Adding a new expense type to RV Expenses is much like adding a new consumer that we discussed in the previous posting.

Select the “Add/Edit Expense Type” via the menu item on one of the first two pages of the app.

Select the “Add New Expense Type” button, enter the expense type details and select “Save”. The expense type should show up the the expense type list.

Be sure to select the appropriate Expense Category when adding the new expense type. We have chosen to provide only the the three high level expense categories Personal, Vehicle, and Miscl.

The category can be changed after the type has been created by going back to the expense list, again via the “Add/Edit Expense Type” menu selection, selecting the expense type you want to change, change the category and then selecting the “Update” button.

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RV Expenses – Adding a new consumer

This is the first in a series of postings that will provide a bit more information about some of the not so obvious features of RV Expenses.

Question: How can I add a new person or vehicle to which expenses are attributed?

Answer:  You can add a new “consumer” via a menu item found on either of the first two pages of the app. These would be the opening page presented when the app is first started or the Expense Type page that opens when you “Select an expense type to update”.

Selecting The “Add/Edit Consumer” menu item will take you to the list of existing consumers. There you will find an “Add New Consumer” button. Selecting that button will take you to the form where you can fill in the details for the consumer. Select the “Save” button, enabled once required information is entered, and your done.

Select the Android “Back” button and you should see your new consumer has been added to the consumer list.

From the Consumers list you can then edit or delete the consumers you have added.

If an expense has been attributed to the consumer you are deleting then those expenses are reassigned to the generic “Unknown” consumer.

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